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Glacier Medical Associates, located at 1111 Baker Avenue in Whitefish, Montana offers 11 health care providers and many medical services to meet your health care needs. Providers here include nine family physicians, one internal medicine physician and one family nurse practitioner. These providers offer walk-in care seven days a week, along with appointments Monday through Friday. This insures you will be able to receive same-day treatment for numerous illnesses or injuries.

Appointments are available for annual physicals, pediatrics, adult care/geriatrics, minor surgery and immunizations.

Health Awareness for July 2015

10 Helpful Tips for Healthy Eating

Making food choices for a healthy lifestyle can be as simple as using these 10 Tips. Use the ideas in this list to balance your calories, to choose foods to eat more often, and to cut back on foods to eat less often.

1) Balance Calories - Find out how many calories YOU need for a day as a first step in managing your weight. Go to to find your calorie level. Being physically active also helps you balance calories.

2) Enjoy your food, but eat less - Take the time to fully enjoy your food as you eat it. Eating too fast or when your attention is elsewhere may lead to eating too many calories. Pay attention to hunger and fullness cues before, during, and after meals. Use them to recognize when to eat and when you’ve had

3) Avoid oversized portions - Use a smaller plate, bowl, and glass. Portion out foods before you eat. When eating out, choose a smaller size option, share a dish, or take home part of your meal.

4) Foods to eat more often - Eat more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and fat-free or 1% milk and dairy products. These foods have the nutrients you need for health—including potassium, calcium, vitamin D, and fiber. Make them the basis for meals and snacks.

5) Make half your plate - fruits and vegetables Choose red, orange, and dark-green vegetables like tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and broccoli, along with other vegetables for your meals. Add fruit to meals as part of main or side dishes or as dessert.

6) Switch to fat-free or low-fat (1%) milk - They have the same amount of calcium and other essential nutrients as whole milk, but fewer calories and less saturated fat.

7) Make half your grains whole grains - To eat more whole grains, substitute a whole-grain product for a refined product—such as eating wholewheat bread instead of white bread or brown rice instead of white rice.

8) Foods to eat less often - Cut back on foods high in solid fats, added sugars, and salt. They include cakes, cookies, ice cream, candies, sweetened drinks, pizza, and fatty meats like ribs, sausages, bacon, and hot dogs. Use these foods as occasional treats, not everyday foods.

9) Compare sodium in foods - Use the Nutrition Facts label to choose lower sodium versions of foods like soup, bread, and frozen meals. Select canned foods labeled “low sodium,” ”reduced sodium,” or “no salt added.”

10) Drink water instead of sugary drinks - Cut calories by drinking water or unsweetened beverages. Soda, energy drinks, and sports drinks are a major source of added sugar, and calories, in American diets.

Primary Care and the Patient Centered Medical Home

The health care system in the United States is a non-system of uncoordinated, fragmented care, emphasizing intervention, rather than prevention and comprehensive management of health.  The key to change in the health care system is to reinvigorate the primary care infrastructure in the US, to redesign the manner of primary care delivery, and to re-emphasize the centrality of primary care.  Compelling research indicates that the ever increasing focus of resources on specialty care has created fragmentation, decreased quality, and increased cost.  Primary care is the only entity charged with the longitudinal continuity care of the whole patient, and it is the primary care relationship and comprehensiveness that has the most effect on health care outcomes.

According to the Center for Evaluative Clinical Sciences at Dartmouth, states in the US that rely more on primary care have lower Medicare spending (inpatient reimbursements and Part B payments), lower resource inputs (hospital beds, ICU beds, total physician labor, primary care labor, and medical specialist labor) lower utilization rates (physician visits, days in ICUs, days in the hospital, and fewer patients seeing 10 or more physicians), and better quality of care (fewer ICU deaths and higher composite quality score).

Glacier Medical Associates is committed to making changes towards the introduction of concepts of The Patient- Centered Medical Home.  The Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is an approach to providing comprehensive primary care for children, youth, adults and the elderly.  The PCMH is a health care model that facilitates partnerships between individual patients, their personal physicians, and when appropriate, the patient’s family.  Each patient has an ongoing relationship with a personal physician trained to provide first contact then continuous and comprehensive care.  The personal physician leads a team of individuals at the practice level, and beyond, who collectively take responsibility for the ongoing care of their patients in the PCMH.

For more information please visit AAFP's website article titled:
Health Care for All: A Framework for Moving to a Primary Care-Based Health Care System in the United States

Have you had a physical recently? Many types of physicals are available at Glacier Medical Associates including sports, camp, DOT, pre-employment, and executive physicals. An annual exam is a good precaution in monitoring your personal health care.

Treadmill Testing
The heart has many enemies which include high blood pressure, obesity, smoking, high cholesterol, family history of heart disease, diabetes, too little exercise, and stress. Factors that lead to heart disease often develop early in life, but they can be modified.

Glacier Medical Associates offers diagnostic treadmill testing for those patients that are identified as being at high risk for heart disease. If you have been experiencing chest pain or discomfort, shortness of breath with exertion, or an increase in fatigue, please notify your physician. After a comprehensive exam and review of your cardiovascular risk factors, your physician may recommend a cardiac stress test.

After your test, you can meet with an exercise physiologist  who can recommend an individualized exercise program, healthy nutrition, and weight loss program.

Screening Tests
Screening tests are available for diabetes, high cholesterol, thyroid disease, high blood pressure, prostate cancer, tuberculosis and more.
Trauma can happen anytime, anywhere. If you are injured and in need of minor trauma care, don’t hesitate to come in for stitches, orthopedic or wound care.  Glacier’s expert staff will patch you up and get you back on track as quickly as possible.

Are you past menopause and concerned about osteoporosis? North Valley Hospital offers the bone densitometry (DEXA) scan on-site at Glacier Medical. This test can diagnose and monitor osteoporosis - a gradual thinning and weakening of bones, which can lead to bone fractures.  Risk factors for osteoporosis include: small, thin frame, being female, never taking estrogen, early menopause, family history, low vitamin D intake, history of smoking or drinking alcohol. The debilitating effects of osteoporosis can be avoided by early diagnosis and treatment.

Fitness Counseling
Take Charge of Your Life - You can make the necessary changes in your life to decrease your risk and improve your health through exercise and weight loss programs which are available through a fitness consult with an exercise physiologist. With an individualized  exercise and weight loss program, you can find the courage and commitment to change your life.  

Glacier Medical Associates is open Monday through Friday 8AM-7PM and Saturday 9AM-5PM
Sunday’s hours are afternoons from 12PM-5PM.
You do not need an appointment - walk ins are welcome 7 days a week.
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